IP Call Center Based on Private Cloud

First Choice for SMBs–IP Call Center
The IP Call Center is known for more and more SMBs,in the next few years, the low cost, open, flexible IP call center will be used more widely. The market survey shows flexible, low cost and full functions are the main reason SMBs choosing IP Call Center.
Private Cloud—-Safe and Stable
As VoIP system in public network is easily get phone bill lost and network interfered and blocked. Meanwhile,? the users’ database is vulnerable to attack? and the leakage of? data happens regularly.So it is vital to ensure data security and the stability of call quality based on VPN network.
Internet Behavior Management—High Quality Voice
In most SMBs, it encounters small bandwidth, week IT instruction, low management but lots of PCs and IP phones, which causes voice delay. Our all-in-one Call Center Server with build-in internet behavior management function, which makes VoIP as a priority and restricts bad internet consumption(BT/Video) to guarantee high quality voice.




  • There are 16 agents,32 agents and 64 agents available. If needs more agents,please use standard server.QQ图片20150909115810

Distributed Deployment

With build-in VPN technology,we can use several models to deploy distributed call center, no region limitation. Just need an IP phone, you can be a remote agent anywhere.


Account and Privilege
(IP PBX with Voip, PSTN or ISDN)
Office Applications